Why Choose Death? and How it can Help

The idea of choosing death is shrouded with taboos and emotional stopping points. It shuts people down and some don’t want to enter notions of the enviable. Which is understandable, death is scary because there is no clear understanding of it. We see what happens when our loved ones die and it comforts use to know they are going to a better place. It is how we cope, knowing that our loved ones live on after they pass, in heaven if not only in our memories.

What if I said that choosing death is a way of letting go past boundaries, rebuilding a foundation based on death of old habits, death of a past selves. By using this idea to conqueror the very next obstacle that holds use in place. We cling to life because if makes use safe. sticking to whats safe will keep us alive longer in the physical world. But we may longer be dead on the inside before our physical body gives out. 

That’s why practicing the acceptance of death to push us further can very well get us over the hump. Not in terms where we are completely out of our element and you have 0 knowledge of the situation your in. Clinging to life in those situations will be more helpful. Now taking the next step in a matter your familiar, learned about and have great interest in pursuing, Choosing death when the time comes is more helpful. Allow your body to shed the butterflies, insecurities right then and there and take a step forward.

It’s the proverbial dive off the cliff. The cliff in our mind, the longer we avoid jumping off it, the taller the cliff rises from the waters. That’s for any obstacle standing in our way.