Top 3 ways to listen to your Body

Have you ever felt something was wrong with your body but couldn’t point out what it was? Have you been to the Doctor multiple times, spent hundreds of dollars just to find out you were healthy all along? I have, your not alone. There was a time when feeling the mind/body was a myth to me. The mind/body being the inner voice and sensations you feel. I spent many days reading illnesses on the web and second guessed myself if I had the symptoms to what ever illness I was searching at the time. It wasn’t till later that just simply being still with your body can accomplish a lot.

I’ll talk about the things that can block communication with your mind/body, teach you how to focus energy to particular areas, and conduct your own test to learn what you may need as far as your body is concerned.

1. Taking out the Middle Man

Most human beings on Earth exhibit the means to distract themselves from the life they’re living. Escapism has reared its head in many ways in todays world. From gaming, watching TV, and social media. Most anything can be labeled a distraction now-a-days. Looking at these activities alone, each one aren’t necessarily bad by societies standards, but too much of a fun thing can isolate you to such a degree that you start lacking the awareness around you and also within you. All of these activities raise your dopamine levels similar to pain pills, coffee, and other stimulants. Minus the euphoric feeling of pleasure.

The indulgent nature we human beings are starting to acquire, hurt us in the long run. It skews your perception on an emotion level where we have to treat those arbitrary time wasters as common dependencies. Soon, as I would suspect, will need to raise awareness that things like that effect our communities on a high scale. Mostly children because they lack the control to push away things that make them feel good.

What does this have to do with feeling your body? If you funnel too much time into dopamine filled activities, we end up caring less for the state of your body; as long as we get our high. So injuries and even emotions will fly over our heads because of this. This could be the difference between finding cancer in it’s beginning stages or noticing it too late. Even figuring out your own emotions so you may find resolve quicker. I know many situations in my life I wished hindsight was available. So taking small steps to cut down on trivial dependencies (social media, gaming, etc) will aid you greatly when needing to figure out your body. Cutting down depression as well.

2. Meditation

There’s a practice in the Meditation field called a body check. It’s the means of letting your mind meander over each part of your body and seeing if anything feels different. Sometimes the mind will not notice something is a miss until you place your focus there.

Focus attention from one end of the body to the other. Usually using breathing as the catalyst for exploration and moving the minds eye along till completion. The focus on breathing in itself is a good presence tool. As you relax deeper in your meditative state, you’ll begin to notice changes in the body easer. Your breathing is powerful!

3. The Inner Voice

We all have an inner voice, This accumulation of knowledgeable words that manifest in our minds eye. The thinking state that we use to make sense of things. What if I told you, That you can connect to different parts of your being by channeling it through your inner voice.

For example; you’re channeling desire as an emotion and you ask yourself If you should play another game with your friends. Your your inner voice will likely tell you “yes! yes! again yes!” If you were channeling say, responsibility! your inner voice could give you a very different answer. Saying, “no, you need to work in the morning.” or, “Just one more because you can still get eight hours of sleep.” There’s variance what your inner voice will tell you depending on what your channeling. Don’t mistake it as your gut or the Universe giving you these answers. It’s very easy to misjudge what you channeling in the heat of passion, anger, and happiness. You will receive many different answers to the same question depending on what your channeling.

Just to add, the more you channel certain aspect of yourself, the louder that voice gets. Like a muscle, it builds till it can become more prevalent than your other inner namesakes.

Feel More

In closing, making an effort to connect with your body is nothing but beneficial. In these times, we may be starting at a disadvantage when it comes to beating out out isolating desires. I’m with you! you are not alone! in time we can do better, even if the results don’t show immediately. One step back and two steps forward. Start with you, then set great examples to the ones that look up to you.

Shine on!