The Secret to Arbitrary Rituals

Consistency! This is one of the cornerstones of every successful endeavor. If someone wants to be successful in their endeavors, there has to be an inclination to keep going till you get it. An unwavering force that keeps the motivation burning. On the hard days, this is even more important. Today I will show you 3 secrets to keep you on track with your goals.

Train your Brain

Your brain houses subconscious tendencies we do without thinking and repressed memories that it holds, but we’re still acting on. All this can come off negative, like an inescapable impulse, or positive, knowing that your brain function has a trainable survival mechanism that can aid you.

On the matter of consistency, training your brain to expect small repetitive tasks every day will coax you into being open toward the task you might struggle with. Say you’re writing a book and it’s difficult to get yourself to the desk and actually start putting down words. You skip a day and the next… Now your brain is trained that it’s ok to not do this every single day, and it will take some willpower to get back into the flow of things.

Say you didn’t feel like writing, but you know you should. Maybe instead of not doing it at all, you can cut down on the work you normally put out. Say, instead of 1500 words, you do 800 words instead. If that’s not cutting it, perhaps 500 words. The idea is to be consistent so you don’t fall out of writing or whatever goal you’re wanting to achieve. That way, even if you set a smaller goal on the day you don’t feel like doing it, your brain will stay trained to the idea that “I do this every day.” Thus no matter what you accomplish in that day, you’re still accomplishing something.

Trick your Brain

Now, this isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Tricking your brain isn’t a matter of consciously telling yourself that something is true. It’s the act of allowing your subconscious mind to absorb information that helps you. It’s what ads on a website do. Even though you see an ad that doesn’t interested you. Your subconscious will take note without you realizing. after repetitive exposure to said ad, it might be something you grow interest in. Especial if they attach it to a program you enjoy.

Now take that concept to get your brain to do something it doesn’t want to do. On a emotional level, your mind might fight against you and you may not do it. But, say you do something before your difficult task. It could be anything. Like, do the dishes, do jump-in-jacks, drink a cup of coffee, spin around three times before you yell ‘go time!’. It can literally be anything and say you do that ‘thing’ every time before doing that difficult task. After enough repetition, that ‘thing’ or ‘ritual’ will act like a switch! getting you ready for the task at hand. enabling you to carry it out with attentive ease.

We human beings are creature of habit. Many successful people has taken this idea and ran with it. Steve jobs wearing the same thing everyday. career individuals adopting ritual workouts in the morning. make personal to you and give it meaning! that’s very important. Create a story around your rituals and why you do them. Affirm it with your subconscious mind. I promise you’ll get better results.

Reward your Brain

Positive reinforcement can also be used as an arbitrary ritual. Allowing yourself something delightful, especially something you can consistently give yourself is great motivation! Life’s hard enough as it is, and your pushing to achieve on you’re own as well. Throwing a little extra work on top of those dreaded societal expectations. So reward yourself with something for just keeping on task and being consistent with your goals. Your brain will thank you.

Closing Thoughts

To sum all of this up, paying attention to the minor habits you have while trying to succeed can have drastic effects on your productivity if you notice them. You can use arbitrary rituals to aid or even hinder you. Hopefully, with the information above, you can use them to help. decide what your rituals can be to succeed. Also, think back through your day and decide which ones do nothing to help. We’re all in this together and I hope you all find what you’re looking for.

Shine On!

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