What are the Primary Chakras

What are the Primary Chakras?

Chakras are points of energy aligned in the body that effect us in physical, mental, and emotional ways. Chakra, cakra in Sanskrit means “wheel”. We use the representation of a wheel to visualize the alignments of energy.

There are many Chakras to talk about, but today we’re going to focus on the primary points of energy, seven in total. The primary Chakras run along the spinal cord. If you wanted to “open” your chakras, you would start from the bottom (the Root Chakra) progressing up to the top (the Crown Chakra). It’s fine to focus on them individual and out of order, it takes awareness and research to find out which ones need your focus. But the meditative practice of opening Chakras can lend to many benefits, enabling change and forward motion. So let’s get started on the seven chakras and what they do!

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is located at the pelvic floor of the body and associated with the color of RED. The Sanskrit word of Root Chakra is Muladhara. Mula meaning “root” and Adhara, which means “support” or “base.”

Imagine the Root Chakra being the foundation of your base(like a house), establishing synchronicity with in your environment. Enough to be safe and secure, thus gaining the ability to unlock all other primary chakras. With out a strong base, the line of growth from other chakras becomes thin. Making it real easy to fall back into coping mechanisms when your faced with the matter of survival. Growth can happen from a weak base, but the matter of leverage is against you. Being aware of that can help sustain open chakras beyond the root, but is difficult.

Sacral Chakra

Just above the Root is the Sacral Chakra. Positioned just below our belly button. This has reverence over our sexual nature, our passion, our joy.

It’s the step above survival where we find meaning within the world. A force of action cultivated by ideals. Very emotional is this and serves as our driving nature. The color associated with the Sacral is ORANGE. Many of us get stuck finding passion for life and allowing distractions to take us. Keeping us stagnantly surviving.

Solar Chakra

The solar plexus chakra, or manipura chakra in Sanskrit, translates to, “city of jewels.” This Chakra is a regiment of unique spender to the body. Located just above the belly, at the diaphragm.

This is your voice, your personal power. The energy that gives you confidence to live among the world and be uniquely you! It’s the power of the sun itself. This Chakra associates with the color YELLOW and is a masculine energy. Many individuals that have there head down in life possibly have there Solar Chakras closed, and might need attention. The power of the sun is giving. Take heed and absorb as much as possible… with out getting burned.

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest, not necessarily where the heart is. Anahata in Sanskirt, meaning “unstuck”. The color associated with this energy is GREEN.

The heart space in our body works as a mediator between the external world and spiritual space. It’s energy is unconditional love and compassion, adding to your confidents and allowing you to connect with others on an emotional level. The Heart is sophisticated in compassionate energy. Opening this can enhance your relationships with others. For those having issues expressing your true feelings, the heart Chakra might be something to look into.

Throat Chakra

Throat chakra, In Sanskrit, the word Vishuddha, meaning “purification”. This Chakra resides in the throat and connected to the tongue, neck and mouth. The color associated with this energy is BLUE.

This chakra aids one in speaking they’re personal truth. Abilities to be loud and concise with less drain to your person. When you Throat Chakra is closed, it takes so much effort to communicate on a effective level with people and becomes very draining to one’s energy. Open it with chants, and expressive conversation with the one’s you trust. This also help you in your understanding of language from others, there are times when you can hear someone, but you can’t understand what they are saying. If this happens often, look to make a meditative practice with the Throat Chakra.

Third-Eye Chakra

Third-Eye Chakra, It’s Ajna in Sanskrit. which Ajna translates to “command”. It’s aligned with the pineal gland and between the eyebrows. The color associated with this energy is INDIGO.

This Chakra lends power to intuition and insight. Traversing the fluctuation of energies undenounced in the physical world. It connects us in a way where oneness can be actualized. The Brow Chakra has a special relationship with the Solar Chakra. They both rely on the light to connect personality and spirit. This aids in hormone balancing when taking in nature and the sun.

Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head. The Sanskrit name “Sahasrara” translates as “Thousand petals”. The color associated with the Crown is WHITE.

This Chakra enters the realm of enlightenment, oneness with infinity, a bliss and communication beyond physical existence. It is a direct representation of the soul some say. One few of us human beings clam to achieve this open Chakra.

Final Thoughts

In closing, studying the architypes of each chakra point would contribute to your mind and body. They giving structure to self-development that’s broad enough to go about improving in anyway you want. There are chants, stones, sage, colors, movement, meditation, conversation and foods! We naturally contribute to these energy points. I look at it as a chance to add more variety to things I’ve felt we’re missing. If your being nagged by a lack of passion, and depression is starting to settle in, look into the Chakra points! Something might stand out for you.

Shine On!

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