What’s Making you Angry? 3 ways to find out

A lot of things have the ability to make us angry. From others not acting in our best interest or others acting in a way that harms someone we care about. There are occasions where we get angry and we are not sure what exactly we’re mad about. Say something trivial happens and it triggers you in the worst way. This can be dangerous if your not self-ware. You could inadvertently lash out at others for something that wasn’t there fault.

If you suffer from sporadic anger and it places you in a state of shame. Here are 3 ways to going about understanding your anger issue. I’m not saying these methods are straight forward fixes for anger. There only steps to understanding why they exist.

1. Apply Pressure.

One of the most helpful things I do to uncover emotion turmoil is getting physical. Meaning doing something active that tires your body, One way I manage is taking a running. traditionally running improves your mood after your finishing and during. When that pressure is applied, I get a gest of what anger I’m holding on to and where it’s coming from. I’m sure you can get the same pressure from doing any other cardio based exercises. When your body is holding on to something negative, expressing the body through physical action potentially reveals a lot.

2. Take Notice

Sometimes we get anger and we don’t take witness to ourselves getting there. We could of been building it up. Think of all the minor annoyances throughout the day; big and small. Till we reach out mental threshold before blowing up. We all go through periods where nothing is going our way and we end up putting in extra work to make something right, a car cuts us off. Playing games with others online and it doesn’t go well. All these inconveniences can build up, leaving us a ticking time bomb.

A way to bypass some daily grief is to take a step back from aggravating situations and observe how you feel in the process of angry. How does it feel in your body? does the temples on your head bulge out? Does the muscles around your eyes tighten up? All good things to ask. Plus if you take notice, your quicker to express to others on where your at mentally. Informing that your limits might be easier pushed.

3. Meditation

I can’t stress mental wellness enough with the act of being still. Meditation is great as a preventive measure when your stress levels ae high. Curbing your tolerance at times that require more presence and patients. The act of stillness can also allow you to decipher patterns in your anger. ultimately allowing you to find solutions that otherwise would have not been found if you lend yourself to distraction or escapism.


The path to emotional mastery isn’t easy. Impulses are not within us to simply control, but to notice. As far as anger is concerned, It helps to take action rectifying what’s eating at you. Anger patterns can go as far back as childhood sometimes and can be very difficult to nullify. Our subconscious minds become trained to handle situation to keep us safe. Anger is one the most common cover emotions for hiding pain. Learning to express these concerns to others that care for you can do nothing but help you in the long run. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind when something bothers you. training yourself to react differently to something triggering takes time and you won’t always get it right. I wish you well.

Shine On!

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